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Gas to Geo Wiki Guidelines

Purpose of the wiki:

This wiki serves as a free platform for anyone interested in a renewable energy transition and building heating and cooling technology to share and access information on networked geothermal systems. The information on this wiki is sourced from a collective of engaged stakeholders and is free for the public to use and edit.

You are free to:

Read and print our articles and other media free of charge.

Share and reuse our articles and other media under free and open licenses. Documents and resources cited in the wiki remain under their own licenses.

Contribute to and edit wiki content.

Under the following conditions:

Responsibility: You take responsibility for your edits and acknowledge that your contributions may be reverted by a moderator or changed by other users.

Respect: You use respectful and professional language when contributing and communicating with other users on the platform. Any language that does not meet these standards will be removed and harassment of other users will not be tolerated.

Lawful Behavior: You do not violate copyright or other laws.

Collaboration: You strive to have a collaborative attitude, with a willingness to discuss differences in ideas.

How to contribute to the wiki: Create an account, log in, and begin editting.

Editors are encouraged to include their full name, email and professional affiliation when registering, however this is not required.

Here are some additional steps to take into account when contributing to the wiki:

Familiarize yourself with the wiki's purpose and guideline before contributing.

Search for the wiki’s existing information related to your topic of interest.

If you cannot find information related to your topic, create a new article or section.

When adding information, make sure it is accurate, relevant and when possible is backed up with reliable sources.

If you are creating a new article, use proper formatting, such as headings, subheadings, and bullet points, to make your article easy to read and navigate.

If you are making changes, make sure to explain your edits in the edit summary.

Make only a few edits per submitted change. Moderators can only accept or reject all of the edits made as part of a single submitted change to the wiki. Edits made in this way are more likely to be accepted, while changes that contain too many edits to different sections at once may be more likely to be rejected.

Review your changes before submitting to ensure accuracy and clarity.

Be open to feedback from moderators and other users.

How changes are reviewed:

This mediawiki was created and is maintained by HEET, a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to cut carbon emissions now by driving systems change. HEET never accepts funding from any industry, including gas and geothermal.

All changes to the wiki will be reviewed by assigned moderators.

All edit history can be viewed by anyone using the wiki by going to the edit log

Any content may be removed or changed, as judged by moderators

Reasons content may be removed or changed: content is incorrect, out of date, repetitive, duplicative, not pertinent, or includes claims without sources.

Content may also be edited to improve clarity and concision.

Moderators will state why edits were reverted or changed. Users can view this in the edit log. Contributors should take that feedback into consideration before making a new edit.